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Trails are opening-up in Telemark

Lars Peters

Lars Peters

Running around in Norway since 2009

The snow is melting quickly now and trails start to dry. It is was a delight to run on the trails again after a long winter on gravel roads!

I’ve ran two short but steep trails on sun facing slopes in the center of Telemark these days, in Seljord and a little evening round in Lunde. A description of both trails ‘Bjørgefjellet & Vestre Nuke’ have been published in the trails section.

There was a little less snow in Seljord then Lunde (my hometown) this year so i suspected that the trail up ‘Bjørgefjellet‘ would be the first to dry this year.or The first 600++ meters up from the lake ‘Seljordsvannet‘ was dry as a crisp after that the the trail flattens and there was snow on the ground as the sun doesn’t melt it so quickly on the flat terrain. Luckily for me it was compact enough to bear my weight completely and made it to the top without to much plowing.

Thoughts about running on snow

Sometimes its a bid scary when running over snowy terrain. There is always a risk that you sink right trough the layer of snow while still having a good forward motion from the running. This has happens to me a couple of times, hollow pockets under the snow & in between branches that lay just under the snow, and it has so far always gone well without any serious injury. Some sore muscles form time to time but that has been al for me so far. (Except that time i almost slid of a cliff at ‘Bryggefjell‘ but that was the fault of ice under the snow cover )

It is a bids of a wake-up call when you get that that could have gone pretty wrong feeling, you tread a lot more carefully afterwards. I dread getting my leg pined & twisted in the snow so i adjust my speed as soon as i get a notion that its too soft.

Viewpoint at Vestre Nuke
View down on Seljord
View down on Seljord

Vestre Nuke

The trail ‘Vestre Nuke‘ in Lunde is close to home. I’ve ran that round several times and its always a delight to start the season by making my way up its slopes. It’s the first one that opens up that can be ran all the way right from of my front door, plus that it’s a open forest and sunny on the top if the weather is good. It’s only a short round on the trails, about 5km but a sweet progression on the climb because it has these small breaks after each incline. Somehow these slightly fatter parts, the corners of the zig-zag trail up the hill are just at a perfect timing for me to recover a little before the next incline PS: i tried my new trail shoes for the season the Arc’teryx Norvan SL on this run and they where pretty neat!

Some other trails in the are that dry up quickly are ‘Husefjell’ , ‘Hestefjell’, ‘Bryggefjell’ & the slopes up to ‘Maskat’ from ‘Hørte’. These are not all on the site yet but i will publish them when I’ve taken a go at it.

Norwegian runners wanted

For all you runners in Norway you can publish your own trails & blog post from your own blog-sites on this web page. I would love to see some trails and posts from other areas in Norway!

I’ve made some forms that can be used to send inn your trail review or post a blog. I’ve you make a user you can also post blog articles trough your profile and your name & link to your profile & the original article on your own blog site will show on the posts. My idea is that every runner can make or publish its own articles so it becomes a multi author blog where people can read/share info about trial-running throughout Norway.

During the year i will make a effort on the site to improve it’s functionality & make it easier to use. It’s a free time project so I’ll do some work when I’m able.

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