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Lars Peters

Lars Peters

Running around in Norway since 2009

While running the mind wanders.

sometimes when things go easy, the legs coordinate themselves while making my way trough the landscape. In these times when the mind wanders off and thoughts pop up. Sometimes they are related to work or just life itself. Subconsciously progressing everything that has happened at work or maybe get a new view or idea on how life is going. This is one of the reason i love running, just clearing my head & all the new ideas that get formed.

Sometimes funny things pop-up in my head when the mind is fully cleared, or just between sound thoughts. On last Saturdays run at Byrtedalen i caught myself in constructing some strange conversations in my mind about Glaciers & Winter.


I was crossing trough a barren moon-like landscape filled with large boulders and rock fields on the mountains at Kvannfjølli. I was just amazed how many rocks the glaciers had deposit in this area after they melted during the last ice age. When the glaciers retreated they defiantly left behind a freight of rocks here!

Some of these huge boulders are standing & balancing on the tiniest rocks. It looks like a work of art from time to time. So somehow my mind started to construct a conversation between two “artistic” glaciers competed and discussing their works of art. While melting they made suggestions how to construct there work.

I think i spent a good half hour coming up with lines like “ooo that marvelous!” – “Should i add a little stone there and a large boulder on top?” – “Flush some sandy water around it there so it gets polished!”. Unveiling their rocky arts of work to the public (us) as the melt away, anxiously awaiting our critics.

June snow at Kvannfjølli
Stones Kvannfjølli


It was the second week of June and there was still ice on the lake and about 30-40cm of snow in this little pocket. Otherwise the snow had largely been melted away in the area. Snow fields were collapsing in the area and producing loud rubles. As it gets warmer the snow fields start to melt from the ground up and pockets collapses producing a loud thump.

Sometimes there are small areas where the sun doesn’t get a hold. A conversation with winter podded up in my mind in such a pocket. In this one Winter got bullied by summer and had hided in a little corner, a small bowl shaped valley in this case. The fictional conversation went about why he was hiding here, feeling a some empathy for its slow demise during the summer. I left the little valley ensuring Winter that its solitude won’t be for long as its fiend will come over in a couple of months time.

There are probably many more funny thoughts, conversations or weird mind spins that came to the surface that day but these where the once i actually remembered when i came home x-D

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