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Luberg Adventure

Lars Peters

Lars Peters

Running around in Norway since 2009

On Monday (yes i work weekends a lot so Monday is kinda my Saturday) i decided to go for a quick warmup round to Luberg. I was planning to do a longer route up to Bossnuten the next day. Luberg is quite a nice little peak between the towns of Lunde and Drangedal (I’ll make a trial description of it one day). The run was about 4 km straight up until you come to a plateau of slabs of rock with some short trees here and there.

Slabs of rock and puddles

After I’d come up to the the top point i wanted to try find another route down back to the car. My map indicated that there where some smaller (trails) down. ha-ha when Norwegian maps say smaller trails there pretty much no excising. thus was the case now. The first part wasnt so bad as there where still plenty of open spaces because of the slabs of rock. As the undergrowth thickened (& the underground got soft and wet..) it became harder to orientate and keep running.

I ended up with using a digital map with my position on my phone after i got some slight indication that i had of run off in the wrong direction for a while. worst thing with running in the wrong direction is the downhill part. It goes quick to run down but when you’re mistaken you’ve to get back up again! After a little extra 100m up i made my way into the right valley, followed a wildlife trail (or stream) down to the lake in the valley below. There was a gravel road in the valley straight back to the car. The last part used to be the old main road to Drangedal for some years ago. It was strange to see it all grown over, stubs sticking straight trough the asphalt, and road-signs in the forest. Been only 3 years ago since last time I’ve driven my car there.

Exploring new paths is always such fun, maybe i couldn’t run the newly explored route this time but maybe next time now i know where to go 🙂

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