Spring is around the corner

Husefjell 2019

Getting ready for the trail season

It’s been a long winter but the snow is melting and i think the trails in the will open up in a couple of weeks. time to get ready!

Today my new running shoes for this season came in!
I’ve been running on the Salomon sense series for the last couple of years. Now I’ve bought something different, the new arc’teryx Norvan SL, a light(er) and minimalistic shoe. Found a good deal on the web and couldn’t resist, can’t wait to feel how they run on the trails. A voice inside me is also telling that i shouldn’t have changed the winning team, as the Salomons have always fitted perfectly and served me well The orange color was the only color on sale so i went for it, i did however rather prefer the more neutral grey.

For now I’m still bound to my winter rounds on mostly gravel roads around town. I can see that the south west facing sides of the hills around are getting dry but it will take some more time before the snow is gone on the flatter parts. A little bid more patience is needed for now.

Husefjell 2019
Husefjell 2019

Back country Skiing trip

Me and my dad took some time off to go on a trip in the mountains at Setersdal in the start of April. We spent 4 nights in cabins of the Norwegian tourist association from Langleid to Brokke. We had a splendid trip with good weather almost all the time. our faces got prettty burned in the sun..