Visitors, Walks & Runs

Gygrestolen - pinacles Gamla to the left Gubben to the right

I’ve had some visitors this week a friend of mine that has walked from Røros to Nordkapp the last few moths. She left the 21th of June and arrived on the Nordkapp the 25th of September. Her car was stored at my house in the meanwhile so she can back to pick it up & to do some walks in the area around to slowly detox from a summer on the trails. We went on a couple of day-hikes to some small lunch cabins of Gvarv Turlag in the area just north from the Town of Grarv in Sauherad.

Ran two rounds in Bø these weeks that have been logged and published on the site; Gygrestolen and Astridnatten.

I’ve been at Gygrestolen soo many times it’s a perfect round run of about 6,5km. Little steep on the way up, amazing views and perfect trail to cruise down afterwards. It never disappoints 🙂

Astridnatten was a longer project. The official marked trail only goes one way up to the the top. I wanted to explore some smaller unmarked trails to see if i could make it a round trip out of it. The smaller trails in the map where better then expected and it became a neat round. two parts just after the top and further down the valley that where without a obvious trail. There where some tracks but i can imagine you’ll need a trained eye to see that there has been a trail there. luckily there just short parts in-between good trails and above the treeline its easy to so your destination anyways 😉

I’m going west next week! To a farm at Eksingedalen to be more precise stay tuned!