shot but sweet round trail with far views towards Bø and the north. This trail starts with a horse track up the the lake Kroktjønn, just before the lake it turns north and you’ll get out of the trees.

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Great round trail trough the forest at Bø., Little river, waterfall & lakes. first couple of hundred meters is on a atv track but you’ll soon turn left towards Dasneberget/Bø camping on a nice little single track. This brings you to the main road. there is a little sign with a map, just left of the map a new marked trail starts towards Trytetjønn – Høgfoss.

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Gygrestolen - pinacles Gamla to the left Gubben to the right

From the edge at Gygrestolen you can see far towards the North over the forests, town of Bø, and the Lifjell mountains. My recommendation would be to get up there close to sunset as the ledge faces pretty much directly in the sunsets direction. Legend tells that when the stone pinnacles fall (yes they move a few mm each year) they will drop in the lake below and flood all of Eikjabygda.

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Røyte-Jøronnatten-Holmen (Lifjell)

almost at the top of Jøronnatten

splendid trail on lifjell. takes you quickly out of the Forrest and up on the mountain plateau. Trail is steep all the way until Langetjønn. after the lake you get a little flat part before the final incline up Jøronnatten. Down past the lakes of Holmen where there is an old dam at the end which was used to send waterflow down the mountains at certain periods to help log driving in the valley rivers below.

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Top of Top of Bryggefjell summer 2018

Nice narrow single-track trail to run. open areas in the forest with big slabs of rock. Some denser forest on the way down. nice ledges that give a great lookout over the fields in the valley bellow. Tjønnstuldalen has a especially fine flora on the forest floor in spring and Autumn.

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