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Forest runs & a little trip to Drangedal

Lars Peters

Lars Peters

Running around in Norway since 2009

Local forest runs

May started cold in Norway, we even had some snow a couple of days back.

Meanwhile I’ve started running on some of the trails trough the local forest! mostly -10km rounds after work. I’ve written a trail description of Husefjell, Vestre Nuke and Luberg. Three runs that are kind of in my backyard at my hometown. Husefjell & Vestre Nuke are marked round trips, i just love round trips.. so much better then the same trail up and down.

I always feel like i see so much more on round trips. Don’t really like the feeling that you know exactly what to expect on the return. I wished more trails where marked as round trips. So many trails up to little hilltops are one way up & the same way down while they could be made to beautiful short round trips.


Lakes just before the top of Luberg
Lakes just before the top of Luberg


On Saturday i took my Rover for a spin after work. I’ve changed the timing belt during my days off last week. Now its ready to face another couple of year as my prime adventure mobile! I drove a test-run down to Drangedal and ran a trail up to Rønnomnibben a little ridge like mountain towards Gautefall. I had been looking at this trail for quite some time. After 3 days of rain it was a blessing to be outside running in the sun again.

It’s a short run of about 10km in total that runs a bid like a roller-coaster, up and down some depressions in the ridge. The first 2,5 km is in the forest. I looked with envy towards the mountain ”Vestlifjell” to the left which runs (earlier) on more open terrain. ”Poor me stuck in between the trees”, ”have i picked the wrong trail today?”.

Soon after those thoughts the train opened up and the trail started to run on a sort of ridge. It wasn’t al slow incline up to the top,some some depressions (small valleys) in the ridge made the trail run up & down 50m or so for 4 times?. And there where ropes! Man a trail where you need knotted ropes to aid you from time to time. doesn’t get more fun than that. i had a great day. <3

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