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Vestre Nuke
Short but steep trail on old horsetails up the mountain.

This trail always dries up early as the slopes face south-west and are in the perfect angle for the sun. It’s a short round just under 5 km and even thou its steep it runs quite quickly. There is always a little flat part or a bend that gives you time to recover a little in between the steeps.

The trail start with following a gravel road for a couple of hundred meters before it dives into the forest at the signpost pointing to ‘Vestre Nuke’. The way up is well marked with red dots and bricks of wood in the trees, easy to follow.  after about 1,5 km or so the trail bents to the left and up a rocky horse trail. From here it gets steep all the way up to the top. Just before you reach the top there is a little sign to a lookout point. from here you can look quite far into forests of Landsmarka. The actual top point with the traditional mailbox is just a little further.

Form here the trails changes color and you follow Blue dots and bricks down the slope back to the gravel road down at the lake. The underground it firm with little loose rocks making it a good trail to cruise down. this is also why i personally prefer to take the red up and blue trail down. There is a lot more loose rubble, tree-roots, and rocks on the red trail so its way better to run red up and blue down in my opinion.

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Well marked, with a signpost that has a map at the staring point. Red marks on the way up & Blue markings on the way down (dots on stones and pieces of wood hanging in the trees)


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