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Sudbø - Fentenuten - Bossnuten -Sandsetvatn
Trail suitable for experienced runners, not marked, good orientation skills needed, consisting out of small sheep trails. Be the sheep.

Long trail that takes you troug some really nice landscape with wide views in all direction. The mountain rage towards Bossnuten has many small valleys and stony cliffs that create some amazing scenery. Trials are hard to follow, and unmarked. I would recommend to bring a good map and prepare well for this route in advance. After you’ve passed bossnuten you have a long flat stretch over open plains all the way to Sansetvatn. Here the trail get narrow and very wet. High ferns and bushes can make it hard to run and keep track with the trail. To the east you’ll see the range you’ve past over earlier.

When you reach the end of the lake you undergrowth thickens again and they trail nearly disapears, hang in there it only lasts about 1 km. (resists the temptations of the larger trails that you cross that go to the dam) You’ll hit a little larger trail trough some beautiful lanes of birch that guides you back to Sudbø.

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Mainly small unmarked trails and sheep paths until Bossnuten. Slightly better path from Bossnuten to Store Grasfjelltjønn. Afther that its back to sheeptrails allong Sandsetvatn. Just 2 signpost along the route. one pointing to Grasfjelltjønn and a second to Sandsetvatn. No other markings.

Don’t follow the signs saying Lifjellvegen when running up the gravel road


It's great to see you again

Everything is where you left it