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Round trip on marked trails up to the highest peak in the Lifjell Area and down over Tjorbu.

Starts at the cabin field of Grimåsen. There is a Tollroad, kr60,- (card machine), from Seljord up to the parkinglot at the startpoint. There is a map at the start of the route but it is slightly outdated and it doesn’t have the trail over the tops of ‘Grimaren (1169)’ and ‘Røysdalsnuten (1291)’ on it. In images here you’ll find an picture of a updated map that i found on the way down at the lake ‘Holmetjønn’.

The start is steep and there is quite a bid of loose rock on the trail, as this is on the way up it isn’t too much of a problem. Keep to the left of the stream and after one kilometer or so you’ll see a map and signposts close to a cabin. Follow the trail in the direction of ‘Grimaren’ & ‘Røysdalsnuten’, you’ll cross the river after 100m or so, and continue up the slopes until  you hit the second crossing with a map, again follow ‘Grimaren’ & ‘Røysdalsnuten’.

After a full kilometer or so there is a side trail going up to the top of ‘Grimaren’. I usually take this little detour up to the top to have a nice view over the valley below. its about one kilometer up to the top and back down to the same crossing.

From here the trail starts to flatten and you’ll run trough some small idyllic valleys with little lakes and big boulders! The closer you get to the top the more rocky it will get. Once on the top you’ll have far view in all directions. You’ll see the big lake ‘Store Tjorbuvatn’ straight south of the top, this is where the trial goes next.

The Trail down to ‘Store Tjorbuvatn’ is marked with the letter T in Red paint and small newer (too small if you ask me) red dots on rocks. Few people have used it so the trail has not worn down on the ground, so there is no obvious trail on the earth. The marking however are plenty but there tricky to spot so keep your eye’s open. The trail goes east from the top along the ridge for about 400m and then makes a turn down south (slightly south-west).

If you followed the trail carfully you’ll have hit the larger trail at the lake of ‘Store Tjorbuvatn’. Go west and follow it. you’ll pas a cabin and after the lake at the cabin you’ll run allong another smaller lake. After that lake you take a left into a large unmarked trail (marked with some piles of stone) to the Lake of ‘Granntjønn’ that you’ll see below, while the main trail goes up a slope in the North-West direction.

Follow this unmarked but yet well worn down trail until you hit the sign to the lake of ‘Holmetjønn’. Go that direction and form here it’s marked with red dots and T’s again. At the north tip of that lake you’ll see another map and a signpost to ‘Geitekyrkja’ a small top (700m detour  up and down if you would like another view).

From ‘Holmetjønn’ the trial goes down steeply into the woods. the trail is firm and easy to run. There is one sharp (almost 180) turn after a kilometer or  so where it is easy to take a wrong turn. its slightly confusing with all the small trails to the cabins in the area but keep following the Red marks and you’ll be fine. Cross the bridge and follow the trail back down to the parking spaces.

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Well marked trails all the way up to the top of Røysdalsnuten (marked with painted red T’s and dots on the rocks & even some wooden stakes here and there). From the top down to the lake of ‘Store Tjurbuvatn’ is marked but not worn down on the ground so keep your eyes open to spot the markings.

The crossing towards the lake of ‘Grantjønn’ is not marked wih a signpost but it is a well worn down trail thats easy to spot. There are also some large piles of rock marking it at the start.


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