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Great trail trough some amazing scenery, small open pockets in the forest & far views from the summit as well.

The trials starts off quite flat giving you a bid of time to get the juices flowing before the gradient starts to increase.  After about 1,5km trough the forest and a small stream you’ll see the Roholt mountain appearing. The slopes on the north side on the Roholt range is made of large open rock slaps.

They are too steep to run up but the trail follows just bellow the rock-slab in the westwards direction. After about 4 km you reach a steep couloir that runs all the way up to the top. There are some ropes mounted  to aid you up some of the steep part just before the top.

The route on can be quite slippery in wet weather, especially the slabs of rock when the get wet or icy.

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The trail is marked with the classic red T from the DNT (Norwegian Tourist Organization) and red dots of paint on rocks & trees. there is a long and short route, + some wet weather detours, + some x-country skiing routes crossing the trail. This amount of alternative routes makes a little confusing. Even i have gone back and forth some times to find the correct route.

My recommendations is to bring a map or make sure you have a offline version stored on your mobile device.


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