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Trail that gets you quickly up into the mountains, nice small formations to run trough and quite a good trail.

Steep start of the trail but it gets more and more forgiving as you go out past the treeline. Far views from the trail since there aren’t that many higher mountains around Skorve. It’s always a great feeling when arriving at Høna and Finndalen (little idealistic valley) after working your way up. ‘Hestenutan’ some tops to the north west also look spectacular. When you arrive at the Nordnibba top you can cruise your way (relativity flat) to Gøysen.

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The trail is marked with  red dots of paint on rocks & trees and  signposts on almost all crossings.  After you’ve passed the top of Rognlifjell  you would need to be extra vigilant of your surroundings so that you don’t loose the path.

Gryta/Rognlifjell > Rognlifjell > Gavlasjåstulen > Gavlasjå rundt > follow the trail along the stream south after the little bridge in the south-east corner of the lake > run 100m eastwards along the gravel road > new trail starts towards Grønbygil > back at the start


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