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Roan - Hestekvævnuten
Running trough a beautiful mountain landscape with lots of polished rock slabs and wetlands.

This route runs partially on unmarked trails & areas with no clear trails at all.
Good orientation skills & a paper map are recommended.
Areas without clear trails are marked with a red background color in the map.

Lovely little mountain-area with a little bid of everything. I’ve see Reindeer on the plain between Roan & Hestekvævnuten and plenty of berries to pluck. Most of the route after Roan is unmarked & without trails but the terrain es quite good for running.

Along the Road 355, you’ll see a sign with ‘Roan’. Follow the smaller Roan signs all they way up the toll road, kr50,- (2019) bring cash.  You’ll find a little marked parking space where the trail starts.

From here the trail starts, marked with blue dots, over the little river & up the slope towards East.It is well marked all the way up to the mountain top of Roan. The rest of the route is not marked, there is no trial to Hestekvævnuten & further back to Valevatn but it is east terrain to make you way trough. Have a good look at the map as to where to go down the Roan mountain as it is quite steep.

At Valevatn there is a trail (slightly) marked with small cairns (rocks stacked up) along its northern shore. the trail is about 100m from the shore as its very swampy along the the waterline. When you reach the ‘vallevassristene’ just past the lake the trail gets bigger and easier to follow. It will lead you straight down to the parking lot.

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Well marked with blue dots up to the top of Roan. No trails on the part to Hestekvævnuten and further to Valevatn. A small trail marked with rock stacked up on each other along Valevatn 50-100m from the shoreline (little-bid up in the terrain).  This trial grows as you pas the lake and is quite visible all the way down trough the forest & back to the car park.


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