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Økteren (Lifjell)
steep trail straight into the mountains & slowly descending trail back to the start point.

Nice run for hot days! The first part over the bridge en then up the hillside is east facing so it’s nice and cool there in the hot summer days. as soon as you’ve climbed up the the first ridge the trails divides. One straight forward goes to Øysteinnatten (1174m & and extra 4,5 km if you run back and forth to it) and to the right (west) goes over a ridge to Dyrdalsfjellet and Økteren. From the ridge you look straight down into the Dyrdalen Valley and towards the summer cottage of Hollane. There is a crossing with a trail towards Økteren right after you past Dyrdalsfjellet.

Økteren has a great view towards the North and Gaustatoppen (south Norway highest peak) is clearly visible on good days. Himingen (Himingsniba 1066) is also a easily recognizable landmark towards the north. Now the decent start the trail is a bid narrow here and can be hard to follow (it is marked with red dots) so be extra aware that you don’t stray. The trail follows a ridge all the way down to Høllenfossen a waterfall in the stream down the valley. Follow the trail north downstream, good trail, all the way until you reach a smal cabin close to Gavlejå. from here you follow the trail east towards Åmotdal/Grønbygil. Cross the gravel road and you’ll find the trail continuing on the north side. The trail goes a bid north of the gravel road all the way until you again arrive back at the road just a 50 meters from the parking space.

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The trail is marked with  red dots of paint on rocks & trees and a signpost here and there. Sheeps that graze up in the mountains create small paths everywhere, you would need to be extra vigilant of your surroundings so that you don’t take a wrong path especially just after Øketeren on the way down to the stream in the valley.


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