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North-East Hardangervidda (Åan - Rauhelleren - Hein)
Splendid route that's well marked all the way. Running along the river Numedalslågen all the way up the hardangervidda & its sidearm Heinelvi back down. Far views from the trails on the open mountain plateau.

From Dagerli you drive east on a small gravel toll road (kr70,- Card/Coin) along the river Numedalslågen until you reach a parking lot at the end. The parking-lot is closed between 28/08 & 30/09 because they gather the sheep that graze on the mountain pastures on that place before they go into the barn for the winter. Just find a parking space a little earlier along the road in that period.

From the parkinglot its signed with Rauhelleren & Solheimsstulen. The trail starts with crossing two bridges over Heinelivi and then follows all the way up along the river Numedalslågen. The trail to Solheimstulen crosses the river after 2 km or so but just continue towards Rauhelleren further along the river.

You arrive at a crossing when you’ve past the lake Geitsjøen. Here you can follow a trail North straight towards Hein(seter) shortning the round to about 33 km. For the long route a you continue along the Djupa river towards Rauhelleren. Here you turn North up the hill behind the cabin & over the plains towards Halnefjorden. To the north you’ll see the Hardangerjøkulen glacier in the far distance.

There is a boat route towards the Road NR7 from the south end of the large lake Halnefjorden (just so you know in case of emergencies).

From halnefjorden you follow along its shore towards the east again. There is no sign on the crossing (just Rauhelleren & Halne båt/boat) but the trail towards the north-east is there & marked with red dots. It gets allot better when you reach the lakeside of Halnefjorden.

As soon as you’ve passed the dam at the east side of Halnefjorden the trail climbs up over the mountains towards Heinseter. This is a tough part with lots of up – downs & rocky trail. The rocky trail continues a little past Heinseter. When you reach the lake Nedre Hein it gets better and it will be flatter and it will slowly decent back to the parking lot.

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Well marked by the DNT. Red dots, T’s & signposts on all crossing (except no sign pointing towards Heinseter from the crossing close to Halnefjorden but the trail is there & marked)


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