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Kvitanosi (Gullbrå)
A trail run trough steep, green valleys and sheer, high mountains & streams with waterfalls cascading down the mountains.

This is a long round trough some some more remote valleys outside of the marked trails. You can park you car along the service road at the start of the trail. It’s signed with Torvdalshytta into the service-road (dam for the hydro power-plant at the end) all the way from Gullbrå. You start with following the Red T marked trail for about 2km before you turn right (south) into a unmarked trail to the cottage of Holo.

Here you cross the river and you make your way up the small valley. There is sort of a ledge on the right side of the valley that you follow for a while before crossing the stream in the bottom. There is a trail running here but it’s old and hard to notice.  There are some streams running down the slopes of Daurmålsfjellet, the first one bents to the left and there 2/3 running parallel a bid further inn. you make you way up between the first (the one that bents to the left) and the 2nd.

Once on the top you run south-west and you’ll see some stacked stones (Varder) here you go down to the Copttage at Sødalen. From the cottage you can see some marches up the valley along the river. on the other side of the marches there is a ledge that you can follow all the way up to Kyrafjellet.

After a long assent you’ll hit two smaller lakes turn west from them until you’re on top of the mountain. Follow it south and up the ledge (Skurrusti) all the way to the top of Kvitanosi.

From the top you follow a ridge to the northeast down to a flat basin with a stream that plummets down Sødalen, you can see another stream from the north-east that meets up with it further below. Cross the stream in the basin and follow the ledge (its quite flat) that runs North bellow some cliff to the start of the stream that comes from the North-east. Follow it all the way untill you see some small lakes at Sødalseggi then make your way east until you meet the Red marked DNT trail.

The DNT trail will take you down Torvdalen and to The DNT Cabin Torvdalshytta. Form the cabin, or the crossing just before you can follow the marked trail all the way back to the start (Gullbrå) or you can go over the mountains to the dam at Grøndalsvatnet & run down the service road. (the DNT trail is definitely the shortest) The GPX trails has this alternative to Grøndalsvatnet in it since its not marked so you can still find your way by using the GPX trail.

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The route goes mainly over very old trails that aren’t visible anymore, you’ll see small bids here and there and some evidence of wear (small gropes in the grass). The parts of the route that go on the DNT trails are well marked with red dots of paint & T’s on rocks & trees and a signpost here and there.


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