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A nice incline up to a open plateau, good views over the Forrest around.

Short run (just 5 km) that is well marked. Good parking at the opposite side of the quarry. There is a red and a blue route up to the highest point.  The red route runs trough a little valley in the forest while the blue route runs on a little edge with more open terrain around. I recommend to run the red up and the blue route down so that you have good view over the forest to the south on your way down the slopes.

Run the blue route up and down if there still  i a little snow around here and there. The red route runs trough the shadow side of the hill and it takes a bid longer for the snow to melt in that little valley. The blue one faces southwards and get plenty of warm sunlight to dry up quickly.

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Well marked! Signpost at the start. Divides into a Blue & Red marked trail after about 100m up the hill. They merge agian several hundred meters before the highest point.


It's great to see you again

Everything is where you left it