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Heksefjell - Blåtjønnfjell
Off the grid trails if you don't want to see another soul on your run.

From the parking at Sud-Slåkå you follow the gravel road back the way you came for about 100m and take the first to the left (up) and then a left again. Follow the road all the way up until the last 2 cabins on the right side (above the road). Just before there cabin you’ll see a little trail marked with some blue cords in the trees that goes to the right.

Follow this trail all the way (east) along the slope & slightly up until it hits the trail that goes up to Osternatten. follow this until you reach the crossing just after a block of concrete (old ski-lift.. not 100% sure). take a right here towards the stream Mjella and lake Homtjønn.

Cross Mjella at Homtjønn and follow a trail (blue marks and plastic webbing in the trees) up the slopes. once your on top of the plateau the markings end and you make your own way north to Heksefjell. there are small (sheep)trails to be found that make running a bid easier.

From Heksefjell there i a trail going down due west from the top.  Follow it down until you can see the lake of  Homtjønn.  The trail disappears a bid after a while so i made my way down to the lake because i thought there was a trail there. there wasn’t any.. My bet (I’ll try it next time) is that it would be better to go South-west up a little valley just south of the top Stornatten 1062m and continuing in that direction up Flisetjønn.

From flisetjønn you continue to the north end of the lake Blåtjønn and make your way up the slopes of top 1260(1). there are some small trails that go up. When you’ve reached the highest point on the route you can gollow a valley straight east down to the stream of Sudslåkåbekken. follow it trough the wetland and you’ll pick up a trail at the waterfall where the valleys wall are getting steeper (on right side of the stream).  This is a wide trail that you follow all the way back down to the cabins where you parked.

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Mainly little to unmarked or no trails at all in some parts. First part from the cabins is marked with blue pieces of rope hanging in trees. short part after the lake of Homtjønn is marked with (old) blue dots of paint and plastic webbing (red/white danger/construction tape).


It's great to see you again

Everything is where you left it