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Well marked trail with far views high over the Hardangerfjord.

Trail is well marked with red round marks on trees and stones and signposts on the crossings. There is a large sign with a overview map on the opposite side of the road at the ferry harbor.

The first 2km is very steep up to the view point at Sætrehaugen. When you enter Fossdalen the trail slackens a bid and follows the stream past some rapids and waterfalls out of the treeline. After the lake of Demmena (on the mountains) the trail itself is a bid hard to see on the underground but there are plenty of marks on the stones an small pile of rocks. Mainly mashes and large rock slabs all the way to Grimsdalsnuten.

Trail goes down the opposite side of the top of Grimsnuten. I think there are 2 trails here one marked with red O’s and one With red H’s

I followed the red H marks on the GPX trail (i think it stands for Haugestølene) along Grimelvi down into Utnesdalen. It isn’t marked on the map opposite side of the road at the ferry harbor but it was well marked out in the terrain. The other trail goes a little further north down into the valley at ‘Grønaskar’ & ‘Øvstestølen’.

It’s possible to add another 3km and some meters up and down by running from Haugestølene over the top of Røvhaug & down a trails on the north edge to Reisete. (blue line in the map)

After a while the trail down Utnesdalen becomes a gravel road. Make sure you don’t miss the turn into the trail down to the parking at utne (you crossed the same gravel-road on the way up, there is no signpost along the road)

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Generally well marked with red dots & large O marks. Signposts on most crossings.

Slightly confusing with the 2 trails going down from Grimsnuten; one to Haugstølene and one further north down to Utnesdalen at Grønaskar & Øvstestølen. Both kind of go down he same valley and you’ll get to the trail down Utnesdalen both ways.

Make sure you remember the turn into the trail down to the parking at Utne when running down the gravel road


It's great to see you again

Everything is where you left it