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Great round trail trough the forest at Bø, little river, waterfall & lakes.

The trail starts & ends at the Folkestad Barnehage (kindergarden).

first couple of hundred meters is on a atv track but you’ll soon turn left towards Dasneberget/Bø camping on a nice little single track. This brings you to the main road. there is a little sign with a map, just left of the map a new marked trail starts towards Trytetjønn – Høgfoss.

Follow the marking and signs all the way towards Høgfoss(kåsa). you’ll cross a gravel road just before you reach the waterfall Høgfoss. If you follow along the cliffs edge after the waterfall you’ll reach a little spot where another river joins the stream. There is a stony riverbed and a little deeper section in the water this is a great spot for a break or a swim. the spot is called “Åmøtet” ion the map.

From here you follow the trail to Brukåsa. The trail towards the lake of Trytetjønn goes behind the barn and up the hill. (it’s not marked but you’ll find it along the edge of the field about +-60-100m behind the structure). This brings you up to the gravel road again.

On the opposite side of the road a wider marked trail takes you to Trytetjønn where you take the trail to the left allong the north side of the lake. Follow this trail until you reach an large opening in the forest on some large slabs of rock. Here you follow the trail to Mogan.

Follow the blue markes all the way until you hit the gravel road, just 50 meters to the right on the gravel road a marked trail goes back into the forest towards Trytetjønn. after 1km or so there is a sign “Bustadfelt” (follow the left trail just after the crossing with the sign) that takes you back to the start point.

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Well marked with signposts on almost all corners & blue bots on trees. Small part of trail from Brukåsa (the barn at the river) up to the gravel road is not marked.  A signpost is pointing in the direction but no blue marks.


It's great to see you again

Everything is where you left it