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Byrtedalen - Kvannfjølli
Gorgeous trail up the valley of Byrtedalen & back trough the stoney moon landscape along its southern slope.

This route runs partially on unmarked trails & areas with no clear trails at all.
Good orientation skills & a paper map are recommended.
Areas without clear trails are marked with a red background color in the map.

At the town of Øvre Byrte you’ll find a small toll-road leading into ‘Byrtedalen’ (kr50,- Cash or VIPPS). It’s not marked with a signpost along the main road so you have to check the map carefully to find the toll-road. The toll-road leads al the way to to ‘Åstøylane’ where the marked DNT trail starts. Don’t cross the river & drive further, this is only for those with permission from the ground owner (small sign in Norwegian at the bridge). There is a chain that can be closed at any time.

At ‘Åstøylane’ there is a sign where the DNT trial towards ‘Tjørnbrotbu’ starts. It’s marked with red T’s on stones. Follow it all the way to the lake of  ‘Heimre brekkatjønni’ about 9 km up the trial.

The trial takes you trough a stunning alpine valley with steep cliffs and waterfalls on both sides. It goes up from the lush plains in the lower parts all the way to a barren rocky landscape.

In the summer there are a lot a sheep’s gazing in this valley. It’s important not to chase them. if they are on the trial or gravel road, don’t run behind them just walk and give them some time to get of the route. They aren’t always the smartest, they will flee the ‘easiest’ route so they usually tent to run ahead of you on the trial for a while before they go to the side to escape. Running them up for a very long stretch can cause stress & sometimes separate the sheep from their lams.

From ‘Brekka’ you have to make your own way up ‘Kvannefjølli’ straight south where there is a small stream coming down. There are no trails at all.  After a steep climb out the valley find the highest point and there should be a little rock pile on the highest point with a sign ‘Kvannefjellet’ (the top has no name on the map just (1537). From here you can make your way trough the rock moon landscape towards the lake ‘poddeskorvatni’. The landscape is very rocky with a lot of small terrain formations to get lost in. There is a lot a hidden between the height curves on the map in this part. These few kilometers take a lot of time & i wouldn’t recommend to do this part with low visibility.

You’ll find a tiny cabin on the map north-west in the lake ‘poddeskorvatni’, close to the edge of the valley. Form the cabin there is a small trial marked with red dots on stones that leads back down to the gravel-road in the valley below. There a lot of sheep paths that  lead to nowhere on these slopes so keep your eyes out for the red marks.

In the bottom you can choose to run the gravel road back to the parking or run over the DNT trail to ‘Åstøylane’

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The DNT trail towards ‘Tjørnbritbu’ is well marked with red dots of paint & T’s on rocks. From ‘Brekka’ (9km in) to Kvannefjølli & further to poddeskorvatni is not marked and there are no trials. you have to make your own way trough the landscape. Youll find a small trail marked with red dots from the tiny cabin North-west in Poddeskorvatni back down to the Gravel road in the valley floor.


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