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A absolute classic run in Midt-Telemark with a stunning view over Bø from the top

The trail goes over south-facing ledges, trough some parts dense forest and over large open slabs of rock. The plateau on the top is almost completely barren rock with a small tree here and there. The initial climb as you turn north from the first part along the ledge is quite steep but it gets more forgiving as soon as you cross over the gravel road. The trail get allot smaller (less used) when you continue westwards after the top towards Tjønnstuldalen. The dense moisturizes valley has a nice flora in spring and Autumn and ledges back to Inleggen provide some great views over Bø and Vriemsida.

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The trail is marked with  blue dots  and stripes of paint on rocks & trees and a signpost here and there. First part of the route (to the top) is well marked and easy to follow. The moved the trail a little because the old got so eroded. Especially when you start coming up to the slabs of rock (after you crossed the gravel road) you should try to follow the slightly light blue new dots of paint. (the old ones are a bid darker blue). The GPX trail displayed on the map is from the newer route.

After the top point the trail get allot smaller. It is well marked but the trail itself in not always that obvious. Keep you eyes open for the blue dots. Follow the signs Inleggen to get back to the start point.


It's great to see you again

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