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Slowly climbing up the mountains trough a beautiful landscape along streams and summer cottages. You can even spot reindeer in the area!

This route runs partially on unmarked trails & areas with no clear trails at all. Good orientation skills & a paper map are recommended. Areas without clear trails are marked with a red background color in the map.

The trial starts form the parking at the end of the toll-road (kr50,-) up from Åmotdalen. Run up the gravel road along the river for about 2,5 km before you go left at a cottage & further into a trial up to a little lake called ‘Fylijomstjønni’. Here you’ll pass trough a nice vally with a huge cliff to the north. All trails on this run are unmarked but visible.

You can run along both sides of the lake, the gpx-track is on the east side (the better trial is probably on the west past the cabins, marked with a blue line on the map). At the end of the lake you’ll find a small & narrow trail following the river down a little and then turning west towards the summer cottage at Lysthus. Form there you follow along the river, small sheep trails all the way up the valley ‘Grotvassdalen. At the remains of a old cottage you leave the trail and start climbing upwards.

There are no trails from this point, make your own way to the North-east to the top of Brattefjell. It’s marked with a stone pile on the top. The terrain up is spongy & soggy so its hard to run as a lot of energy goes into the soft ground. From the top you follow down to the South-east.

If you follow the map carefully you’ll hit a trial after little over 1km. Follow this trial all the way down the valley. Past the cottages, around the lake & along the river.  You can cross the river some hundred meters after the dam (power plant inlet) and run down the gravel road on the other side back to the car-park.

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The route goes over small unmarked trails only, so marks no signpost. Sometimes all you’ll see are small bids of trial here and there and some evidence of wear, small gropes in the grass. it’s reasonably easy to follow anyways because it almost all of the time follows a river or stream.

Part from Grotvassdalen over the top Brattefjell and 1km down its south-east slope are without trial. here you make your own path trough the terrain.


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