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Great double eight shaped round on mainly marked DNT trails.

To get to to the starting point you drive the Toll-road Storeblevegen to Nordstull. There is a large parking-lot at the end of the road.  From here there is a marked DNT trail going north to the small lake of Sønstevatn. Just after you crossed over the stream you turn east on a unmarked trail to Sudstul. At Sudstul you pick up the DNT trail and head in the direction of Sigridsbu.

Now you starting to climb fast upwards the slopes of myklelia. after a while the trail flattens and you’ll meet a little stream before you arrive at a crossing with another DNT trail. i recommend to continue straight ahead in the direction of Sigrudsbu over Omnsvegg, DNT trail that goes up south-west. Form that trail you have some great views down into the valleys around.

When you arrive at the DNT Cabin of Sigridsbu you go bihind the buildings where you pick up the trail North to Eriksbu. It will bring you to the mount of Bletoppen 1343m (‘Store-Ble’).  After just one kilometer you’ll see a smaller unmarked trail going left up south slopes of the mountain. Its marked with a varden here & there. It bring you straight to the top.

From the top you can go down the north side & back in to the DNT trail at a little lake below from here you follow the trail back to the cabin and down the valley of Langdalen. Or you just run down Langdalen as soon as you see the start of the valley (no need to go those extra meters to the cabin). Form here you follow the trail along the stream all the way down to Nordstulsvatnet & back to the car parking lot.

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mainly DNT trails are well marked with red dots of paint & T’s on rocks & trees and a signpost on most crossing. Little part to the top (last 1km) & 1,5km from the lake Sønstevatn to Sudstul are on unmarked trails.


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