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Trial that dries up early with a fantastic view down to Seljord.

Steep trail on a steep south facing slope that always is one of the first trails in the area to dry up after winter. You can park at the camping or at the parking (in the corner of the field) close to Bjørge Gård, there is a little parking sign at the road. from the farmhouse the trail goes to the left and is marked with red dots, signs and arrows.  You follow a small atv roads up to the sign towards Bærfjell. from there the Blue route (Rundløype) goes to the right (towards Bærfjell) and the Red up to Bjørgefjell continues upwards (left).

After that the trail narrows and dives into the forest after a pick-nick table from there its all single-track. Now the trail steepens and winds it’s way up the slope. the trail is well marked and easy to follow.

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Well marked with signs and red arrows/dots on trees.


It's great to see you again

Everything is where you left it