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Austheiane (Regnådalsheii)
A trail for runners with a need to explore trough an area where few people wander.

This route runs partially on unmarked trails & areas with no clear trails at all.
Good orientation skills & a paper map are recommended.
Areas without clear trails are marked with a red background color in the map.

Along the Road, Fv45, you’ll see a small sign with ‘Hovstøl’ pointing into a gravel road. If you drive in this gravel road you’ll find a little parking space for about 3 or 4 cars.

From here the trail starts, marked with Red DNT dots, up the slope towards the south. After just one kilometer (after you passed a little lake) you’ll see a little unmarked trail going right towards ‘kaldheimsheii’. Follow this trail, it will bent more towards the west as it progresses up the slope. As you get higher the trail becomes less apparent and you have to make your own way trough the open area. Follow along on the top of the steep slopes south, There are some Cairn, ‘Varde’, stacked up.  You’ll find a little ridge with an narrow unmarked trail down to ‘Kaldheim’, a nice little patch of grass.

At ‘Kaldheim’ you can cross the river between the lakes. From here i made my way straight up the slope at ‘Opptaket’. I ran this route in May when the snow was just gone and the vegetation still low so it can be a bid tricky to get up the slope if the trees and bushes have their leaves on. The blue line marked in the map was my alternative route if i couldn’t see an easy way up. There is a trail going from ‘Fitbekk’ towards ‘Hiskard’ and up the slope of ‘Opptaket’ from the south. If you scramble up the north slope you will also find this trail and follow it up into the mountain area past the treeline.

There are no trails on the mountain at ‘Grasdalsheii’ and you can make your own way over. The route I’ve takes is probably the one with the least meters up and down. The valleys at the lakes of ‘Langetjørn’ & ‘Grasdalstjørni’ are quite deep with steep sides. The decent into ‘Slarvedalen’ when you past the top with the 1233m height in the map is also very steep. Scout a safe route down before you start going down the slope.

From ‘Slarvedal’ you go up a little and then down into ‘Felandskard’ towards ‘Stavvatnet’ wich you can see in the distance down in the valley. Follow the east side of the lake (Stavvatnet) and up the small valley ‘Stavvassdalen’.  after 800m you’ll see a metal signpost with a trail. There are no further marks on the trail but it is well worn and easy to follow. it leads all the way to rhe cabins at ‘Kjeppshei’ on the other side of the ‘Grytingen’ pass.

At Kjeppshei the trail sort of disappears again. Follow the river down until you see another stream from the south come in. Cross the river here over to the north side. follow it down all the way to the big river at ‘Finndøli’ where there is a bridge over the river.

Cross it and make you way trough the wetlands towards the east. The wetlands absorb a lot of energy so this part of the route may take longer then planned.  There should be a trail with faint dark red marks on trees and stone here but i didn’t find it until i reached (made my own way) the stream between ‘Ovi’ & ‘Skålbutjørni’. From there it was easy to follow all the way to ‘Gulllborgstølen’. I liked this part, it’s typical Moose country with wetlands and small stream you have to cross.

From ‘Gullborgstølen’ you follow the DNT trail (red marks) towards ‘Bjørnevasshytta’. This trial leads all the way back to the parking space at the start. from ‘Gullborgstølen’ it’s about 9,5 km on this trail. You’ll pass trough ‘Fitbekk’, just after you left the grass area with the cabins, you’ll find a nice little beach to take a swim before the last incline back to the startingpoint.

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The route goes mainly over very old trails that aren’t visible anymore, you’ll see small bids here and there and some evidence of wear (small gropes in the grass). The parts of the route that go on the DNT trails are well marked with red dots of paint & T’s on rocks & trees. This is the first 1 km before you leave the dnt trail towards the west and from Gullbordstøylen to Fitbekk & all the way back to the carpark.

The trail from ‘Stavvassdalen’ to ‘Kjeppshei’ is marked with 2 iron posts and visible on the groud. after Kjeppshei i couldn’t find the trail anymore. Later on after crossing the river ‘Finndøli’ i found a small trail with old and worn dark red marks on trees and stones.  it’s possible this trail started at Kjeppshei or at the bridge but i didn’t observe any marks until the stream at ‘Ovi’.


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